Kent State University

Kent, Ohio

800 East Summit Street, Kent, OH 44242-2501

SAT/ACT mins:  ACT score of 21 or higher, and an SAT score of 980 or higher, when under 21 years old.

SAT or ACT Scores must not be more than:  These test scores are not needed if any applicant is over 21 years of age.

LSP Application deadline: Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, however, the sooner the better.

Where to find application: Completing the online application is the fastest and easiest way to apply to Kent State University.  You are also more than welcome to download a paper copy and send that through the mail.

Freshmen class report date: Destination Kent State: Welcome Weekend begins in late August and classes start a few days after that.

Yellow Ribbon participant: No.As a public state university, no Kent State University does not participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program.  However, the current tuition rate is below the VA benefit rate.  Therefore, this program is not necessary.

Will you cover difference between tuition minus GI Bill and cost of in state "state" school tuition? Or do you want to keep it to in-state residents?The Ohio GI Promise Bill for in-state tuition covers this fee for veterans from other states who want to attend Kent State University.

Do you want to donate additional money to each applicant should the need arise?   No.

Processing fees: $40.

All majors open to Marines? Yes.

Recognize AA degree or any college course work: Yes, Kent State University accepts transfer credit from accredited universities.

Recognize awarding of college credits via alternative means, e.g., DANTES or CLEP: Yes, Kent State University will accept CLEP Test and evaluate DANTES for credit.

Additional information:

Kent State Vets Online:

Kent State Vets Online is designed specifically for veterans who are recovering from PTSD, TBI and anxiety disorders. The program helps veterans of the OEF/OIF wars move from combat to obtaining a college degree and entering the economy and society as a professional.  On-campus classes, especially introductory classes, can seem large and impersonal.  Many of the students in these classes may be younger than you in age and life experience.  To address this, the Kent State Vets Online program places veterans like yourself into online coursework, for a limited time to help you get established and comfortable.  We also provide one-on-one hands-on training in how to effectively work in an online course environment.

VET Proram:

This semester, we are rolling out a brand new living and learning opportunity: Valor through Education and Training (VET).  This is a community of student veterans, individuals with similar experiences, living together in the residence halls and learning how to be a successful college student.  VET offers a living environment geared toward the student veteran, with accommodations in McDowell Hall, a hall reserved for juniors, seniors, and students age 21+.  Programs are scheduled throughout each semester in career guidance, academic advising, involvement on-campus, and study skills, to name just a few.  Also, students in the community will be scheduled in 2-3 classes per semester, together, to create a comfortable feel for that first time back in school.

Our Kent State University homepage is: