University of North Texas

Denton, Texas

SAT/ACT mins: based on rank in high school.  Top 10% 950/20

Next 15% 950/20; 2nd Qtr 1050/23  3rd Qtr  1180/26  4th Qtr individual review.

SAT or ACT Scores must not be more than:  No limit.

LSP Application deadline:Freshman application deadline is February 1st;  Transfer application deadline is June 1st.

Where to find application: Via

Freshmen class report date: 4th Thursday of August.

Yellow Ribbon participant: No.

Will you cover difference between tuition minus GI Bill and cost of in state "state" school tuition? Or do you want to keep it to in-state residents? No, but if the student qualifies for the State of Texas Hazlewood tuition exemption program, this can be used to cover tuition if the student is not receiving 100% of the Chapter 33 GI Bill benefits.


Do you want to donate additional money to each applicant should the need arise?  No, but students may be able to qualify for additional scholarships and financial aid.


Processing fees: $60.00 by priority deadlines and $90.00 for after.

All majors open to Marines? Yes.

Recognize AA degree or any college course work: We will post AA degree but we do not award, nor do we recognize AA degrees for special purposes.  However if a student has attended a Texas community college and is CORE complete we will honor that at UNT.

Recognize awarding of college credits via alternative means, e.g., DANTES or CLEP: Yes.

Additional information: All transcripts must be official, received either by mail; Docufide; or EScrip-Safe.